IDetect Corporation first began in the night club industry in 1999 as a automation technical company,
in the night club industry when there was an immediate need for mailing list automation to contact existing patrons of night clubs and exclusive restaurants. Subsequently in fulfilling this need, we learned that we were also fulfilling another important need; Identification Verification and Entrance Security.

After a few additions and modifications, it became evident just how successful our technology had become for ID Scanning and Identification Verification. Not only did our client's liability insurance decrease, but perpetrators of crime were being apprehended by law enforcement with the assistance of utilizing IDetect ID Scanning Systems. Local courts began to recognize our system and began issuing

abatements of fines for if they purchased our system. Soon after, we decided to perfect and expand our line of ID Scanners in the ID Verification and ID Security industry.

If the high price of Liability insurance has you considering pay toilets just to cover the cost, there is a way to get it lowered so your patrons don’t need a change machine just to make a pit stop! IDetect’s ID scanner is the machine that does just that. Recognized as one of the top ID validation systems, it has lowered the liability insurance for many of its clients worldwide. Not only does it quickly signal fake or tampered with IDs, or someone that is underage, but also takes a picture of the entrant and stores
it with their demographic and historic information all in less than a second.

The picture feature that IDetect has invented is the only one of its kind. The best part is that it happens seamlessly without any extra action by the doorman. Upon the scan of an ID, or even entry of a non-scannable ID, the picture is taken automatically. We saw the need to have a picture of each entrant for banning purposes. If someone is getting kicked out of a club, there is very little chance he will give up his name or ID. With the picture stored in our system, he can easily be found and banned for future entry,” says IDetect CEO Michael Sengstaken.

IDetect didn’t stop there, the system can also print a custom wristband good only for the approved entrant, operates a cash drawer while collecting all funds at the door, obtains email addresses
automatically, produces a variety of printable traffic reports, changes the admission fee automatically depending on the time of admission or age group, and even has a built in time clock for employees.

Because the wristband contains information about the individual, it that can easily be spot checked, or used to ban the person in the system for bad behavior. The system also prints a matching wristband sequence number to deter doormen from unauthorized handouts.

"We have built this system by listening to the concerns and needs of this industry” says
Sengstaken. “The end result is that IDetect far surpasses the expectations of all club owners that use it.” It seems that Sengstaken is right. There have been reports of IDetect actually playing a major roll in capturing 3 criminals in 3 separate incidents.

Law enforcement, and many of the Liquor control boards around the country have endorsed their system, and continue to recommend it to establishments looking to protect their liquor license. Now that is something that will make you take notice! IDetect is the only system to combine all of these easy to use functions in such a seamless fashion. It’s the only one of its kind with such an impressive combination of quality, versatility, ease of use and dependability. The units are covered by a
24/7-support team that no one has come close to beating.

With all of these powerful features contained in IDetect you might be saying “but I do not need all of that power, but a limited amount.” Not to worry, IDetect has answered that as well. All of their systems features are easily turned on and off upon your discretion. “We will not run our bar
without it” states John from Red Rock West Saloon. “A week after we installed it spot checks by law enforcement would begin and end right at the front door. They knew about the system’s credibility,
so they moved to the next club to do their check.” Joseph Destefano, owner of 28 West, a popular venue driven club in Middletown, NY, has more than just his club to protect, he is also the mayor of the town. For this reason, law enforcement keeps close tabs on his club at all times. “We have very popular 18 and older nights at our club, with the drinking age at 21, we depend on IDetect to protect our liquor license”. Joe deploys an innovative function of IDetect. The system allows him to print a different neon color custom wristband for people who are of age to drink than for those who are not.
Rob, the security manager at the club says “Because IDetect’s Wristbands react with the few black lights we have in the club, I can spot someone holding a drink while wearing the wrong color wristband from across the room.” Tim Maloney, owner of a popular Irish pub in Long Island New York had 2 fines for serving minors and a court date soon approaching. “I contacted IDetect and ordered the system right away. Once in court I showed the judge a letter from IDetect stating that the system was being delivered within the next week. He reduced my fines to just warnings as long as I had the system installed within 30 days.” It seems that IDetect has more than just the security end of things covered. Its marketing and promotional functionality is #1 rated in the industry. It is able to store nearly an unlimited amount of entrants mailing and visit history information upon the scan of an ID, and sort it into a neat list. This list can then be narrowed down by a seemingly unlimited amount of criteria producing a very select-targeted list. This information can then be placed on mailing labels, or printed right onto promotional materials so that pealing and sticking labels does not have to be done. Now with
IDetect’s automatic email retrieval, you can simply email your promotion right to your targeted group for free. IDetect will even produce your HTML promotional email to send out, and inform you on how many of your targeted list opened the email, and clicked through to your offer.

Rich Bedrogian of Long Island Promotional Group did just that. “We used IDetect to send out a promotional email to our patrons aged between 21 and 25 who had previously visited on a Friday. They were instructed to click on a link contained in the email, and print a discount coupon contained at that link. If they presented this coupon upon their next visit they would receive a discounted admission.
We were pleasantly surprised to see how many of the Internet coupons were redeemed at the clubs door that following Friday night. The company has many other services that couple together with the systems functionality. One of these services is the production of scannable VIP cards. These cards can be seen at the new high-end nightclub, ICE Las Vegas. ICE did not cut any corners or skip on
any detail when building the club, and their VIP cards were no exception. They depended on IDetect to produce their cards. The cards were to be extremely elegant, and emit the exclusive nature of the club every time they were shown. When ICE received the cards, they realized they had made the right decision. According to Chandra Steed, the office manager at ICE, “We were amazed at the
quality of the cards when they arrived. We did have expectations, but never realized they would come out as nice as they did. IDetect delivered as promised. They have also incorporated the use of the Internet into their system by allowing VIP’s, guests, and members to sign up on the Internet before arriving at your club. This information is automatically downloaded into IDetect ready for those
patrons to show. That does a lot in controlling your front door and making your patrons feel special, now doesn’t it?

IDetect continues to be the leading force for all ID Validation systems around the world. They continue to bring the latest in security, and money making/cost reduction ideas right into your club all for a very small investment. “Bottom line, our system works”, says Sengstaken, Owners tell us that their costs have decreased, and revenues have increased soon after employing our system to work at their club.

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Law enforcement, and many of the Liquor control boards around the country have endorsed IDetect ID Scanning Systems, and continue to recommend it to establishments looking to protect their liquor license. IDetect is the only system to combine all of these easy to use functions in such a seamless fashion. It’s the only one of its kind with such an impressive combination of quality, versatility, ease of use and dependability.

IDetect ID Scanners are customizable for any size company.